TD Series

• 75 degree slant bed design keeps the advantages of
excellent chip disposal and accessibility.
• Lower gravity center enhances the structure rigidity.
• X/Y/Z axis are perpendicular to each other with a real
linear Y axis.

Item Specification Unit
VDI-40 Tool
VDI-30 Tool
BMT-65 Tool
BMT-55 Tool
Turning capacity Spindle bearing diameter mm Ø100
Max. swing diameter mm Ø700
Max. swing diameter over saddle
mm Ø310
Max. turning diameter mm Ø390 Ø410 Ø360 Ø370
Max. turning lenght mm 560 570 530 535
Spindle Spindle nose A2-6
Spindle speed rpm 4,500 (Opt. 3,000) (Opt. built-in type 6,000)
Chuck size mm 8″(Opt.10″)
Through-spindle hole diameter mm Ø62
Bar capacity mm
Ø51(Opt. built-in typeØ51)
Min. CS axis indexing increment deg 0.001°
Sub-spindle Spindle nose -[A2-5]
Spindle speed rpm -[5,000]
Chuck size mm -[6″](Opt.8″)
Through-spindle hole diameter mm -[Ø35]
Spindle bearing diameter mm -[Ø90]
Min. CS axis indexing increment deg 0.001°
Power turret Tool shank VDI-40 VDI-30 BMT-65 BMT-55
Tool capacity pc 12 16 12 16
O.D. tool mm 25×25 20×20 25×25 20×20
I.D. tool mm Ø40 Ø32 Ø40 Ø32
Max. speed rpm 6,000
Spindle motor kW 5.5/3.7
Feed X/Z axis stroke mm 230/±51/600/-[630]
X/Z axis rapid traverse m/min 30/15/30/-[30]
Machine size Wide×depth×height mm
[3,040×2,180×2,337built-in type spindle]
Weight kg 5,900[6,400]

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Type Horizontal CNC Lathe
Spindle speed 4500 rpm
Spindle Motor 5.5/3.7 kW
Tool capacity 12 pc
Tool shank VDI-40
Spindle nose A2-6
Max. swing diameter 700 mm
Max. swing diameter over saddle 310 mm
Max. turning diameter 390 mm
Max. turning lenght 560 mm
Chuck size 8
Bar capacity 51 mm