Finetech’s machines are subjected rigorous quality inspection during assembly and before shipment. Every Finetech machine is designed to provide more
flexibility and productivity – making it the sounded investment you will ever consider.

Before leaving the plant, all Finetech CNC machine is subjected to more than 100 quality-assurance checks. These tests provide a certified paper trail
of quality for every component through out the entire assembly process. After assembly, all Finetech products are tested for 24 hours of actual running
time to assure quality is built into every machine.

Travel (mm) 
X-axis 560 mm
Y-axis 350 mm
Z-axis 380 mm
Distance (mm)
Spindel center to column 380 mm
Spindel nose to table 120-500 mm
Table (LXW) (mm) 600 x 350 mm
Dimesnsion of T-slot (mm) 3 x 14 x 100 mm
Max. table load (kg) 300 kgs
Spindle Taper-40 BT/CAT/DIN (HSK Opt.)
Spindle motor- cont/ 30min (kw) 5.5-7.5 kw
Belt drive spindle (Taper-40) 8000rpm (10000rpm and 12000rpm Opt.)
Direct driver spindle (Taper-40) 10000rpm, 12000rpm and 150000rpm Opt.
Build-in spindle (Taper-40/ HSK-E40/50/63) 20000pm / 30000rpm Opt.
Belt drive spindle (Taper-50) N/A
Direct driver spindle (Taper-50) N/A
ATC-Carousel type 16 tools Opt.
ATC-Swing Arm type 24 tools Opt.
ATC-Chain type N/A
Feed rate
Rapid feed rate-X/Y/Z 36/36/30 m/min
Axis feed motor- X/Y/Z 2.0/2.0/2.0 kw
Cutting feedrate by table 10 m/min
X ballscrew (dia. x pitch) 32 mm x 12 / 16 opt.
Y ball screw (dia. x pitch) 32 mm x 12 / 16 opt.
Z ball screw (dia. x pitch) 32 mm x 12 / 16 opt.
Linear guide width ( X/Y/Z) 25 / 30 / 30 mm
Power consumption KVA (Transformer) 25 KVA
Pneumatic Supplier kg/ cm2 5.5-6.5 kg/cm2
Coolant tank capacity 256 liter
Floor space requirement 2100 x 1800 cm
Floor space requirement (with conveyor) 3100 x 1800 cm
Machine weight 4000 kgs

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Type Vertical Machining Centers
Table size (LxW) 600 x 350 mm
Spindle speed 8000-30000 rpm
Spindle Motor 5.5/7.5 kW
X axis stroke 560 mm
Y axis stroke 350 mm
Z axis stroke 380 mm
X rapid traverse 32 m/min
Y rapid traverse 32 m/min
Z rapid traverse 32 m/min
Tool capacity 16-24 pc